Navid Tahernia
Sounds Of Instruments 02

Almost 6 months following the release of Sounds of Instruments 01 which was edited by Hiroshi Watanabe, Klik Records returns with the presentation of the series' second instalment. This time, the special guest arrives from Cologne and Kompakt's family, Navid Tahernia. As one of the major players, since 1989, in the early Frankfurt scene (namely his Close residency from 1994 - plus his labels Cellophan, In Front music and Linear), Navid has recorded for Harthouse, Rising High and Planet Source. Over the years he has Dj-ed across Germany and around the world -from Berlin's Tresor to the mega-raves of Timewarp and Loveparade. Now as a part of the Kompakt family, he is set to make his return to the international circuit. His years of experience bring a wealth of musical knowledge into his record crate that could be described as a seamless blend of atmospheric, minimal techno. On Sounds of Instruments 02, Navid delivers an amazing mix with minimal, techno as well as electro elements, while some exceptional collaborations by some of the most respected labels and artists are featured, such as Moby, Wighnomy Brothers, John Tejada, Cio d'or, to name a few. Sounds Of Instruments 02, is also accompanied by a DVD that includes a film by Panayiotis Hadjistefanou. DVD storybord by Panagiotis Hadjistefanou This is a DVD containing a film, a book, movie costumes, an improvised performance by Angela Brouskou (one of Greece's most respected actresses), digital animation, graphics, text and stills by nanogod, along with sampled real live TV, screen collages and landscapes - both manufactured and "real". All these disparate elements, a sort of multilayered visual mix if you like, is thrown, quite randomly, within the confines of your average televisual lay out. It is a video scrapbook illustrating all the things you're about to read. This is a collaboration between people that have never actually met each other. The components are various, and all are available thanks to the fusion of advanced technology, human creativity and communication. It is also an exercise to determine how far these components can be stretched to the limits of their meaning, to see how far randomness can lead us - at least across a screen.

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