Every Day A Story 2

On the 18th of July 2005, Klik Records presents the compilation album "Everyday a Story 2". Almost two-and-a-half years after the release of the compilation’s first part, which was also the label’s debut, George Kyriakou offers 11 tracks each of which can act as a short everyday story, while adding a spherical view of the current trends in electronica. On "Everyday a Story 2" you will listen to projects that have been released on some of the most important labels (Kompakt, Playmade, Soundscape Corp, Substance Recordings Planet Noise, Swift, Dial Records et.c) and reflect the evolution of micro house, electro, deep house, ambient, smooth breaks and tech house. The denominator of all 11 tracks is the atmosphere they create, from the most nonchalant, almost acoustic moments, to beats breaking out. At a time when the music industry produces electronica compilations to be heard in super markets and waiting rooms, "E.D.A.S. 2" arrives to prove that Music is, above all, a Feeling... Íotes on "Everyday a Story 2" - Ábakus "A whole new way of looking at the day" Russel Davies, the son of Dave Davies, the founding member of the Kinks, started recording along with his father a few years ago, suggesting a hybrid between contemporary electronica and progressive rock. "A whole new way of looking at the day", one of his most recent productions which was released by the "eccentric" Liquid Sound Design, is E.D.A.S’s ideal opening, with the guitar’s filtered sound floating above the dreamy synth pads. - Audision "Yellow Sunset" Coming from Playmade, the duet of Tobias Schmid and Greek-born Niko Tzoukmanis, present in the tracks’ 7 minutes, scenes from an imaginary film, with the assistance of an electronic piano, while the beat is almost non-existent, since it assumes an utterly discreet role. It sounds like it was created by significant contemporary composers such as Yann Tiersen or Michael Nyman... - G Pal "Ophra Interpretation" It has been included at the "Ophra" cd single, but you might have made the mistake of not paying much attention to it. The most ethereal and low-key creation by Swift Records’ "father", a downtempo work of art which could easily have been a "Cafe del Mar" hit. For the first time, G Pal is also on the vocals. - Stryke "Ana" Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Stryke (Greg Chin), got his first synth at the age of 12 and his music quests led him to Miami, where he found the terrain to start producing his own music ideas. "Ana" is definitely influenced by Detroit’s sound, with the piano adding even more colour to the trippy synth pads. - Lawrence "Somebody told me" The piano and the chords are most prominent, while the smooth beats that come in afterwards, make it the most beautiful deep tech house track we have listened to in the past months. If you still haven’t discovered Lawrence (Peter M. Kersten), you will understand why lately he is considered one of the most able producers and in great demand remixers of Central Europe! - Herbest Moon "Blow your body" [Deep space mix by Francois K] From the isle of Hokkaido, Japan, the other half of the hip hop duet Tha Blue Herb, MC III Bostino, presents his electronica alter ego, under the alias Herbest Moon. The amazing Francois Kevorkian, who is over 50 right now and with a fantastic career in the underground dance scene, could not but offer his "Mida’s touch" in any of his remixes. This is what’s going on here as well, with the percussion adding a 'Mediterranean' vibe. - Michael Mayer "Love Food" The Kompakt cycle of "E.D.A.S. 2", consists of three continuous tracks and is opened by the co-founder (along with Wolfgang Voigt) of the most important, pioneering and innovative label that has appeared in the last few years in Europe. Michael Mayer, the "archbishop" of micro-tech house is at his best moment since the much anticipated debut album of his, "Touch"! Notice the synth chords that are reminiscent of mandolins as well as the ethereal vocals: Give me love food... - Superpitcher "Happiness" Kompakt’s "pop" side by Superpitcher. From the album "Here comes love" by Aksel Schaufler, a pop electro-tech masterpiece. Superpitcher desperately seeks happiness in a melancholic as well as redemptory track. Without a doubt, it is one of the best singles! - Wighnomy Bros. "Wurz & Blosse" Regardless of the name of the group they created, Robag Wruhme and Monkey Maffia aren’t brothers. One certainty is that this summer they’ll be all around Europe for gigs, from the most important festivals to Ibiza’s Amnesia and London’s Fabric. The track that was included in the Speicher series that Kompakt created, is worthy of its fame which keeps growing and growing. The addictive bassline and minimal synth pads make it a delightful tech house tune. - Spazmodic "Werwer" After Bermuda Triangle, Klik Records introduces another name from Norway’s Planet Noise. DJ Kristian Mikalsen, Morten Sattlie, Tor Olav Ellingsen really know the atmospheric breaks technique. This is the sound that Nick Warren, James Zabiela and Sasha prefer for their DJ sets. - Michael Forzza "Kahana" When a producer names Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink and Matthew Herbert as his main influences, we are put into a position of expecting plenty from his productions. The Belgian Matthew Herbert, is the most upcoming producer in his country’s tech house scene and "Kahana" has been included in Dave Clarke’s, Carl Cox’s, Marco Bailey’s and Monika Kruse’s sets. Don’t expect a hard techno track! This is electro-tech house that breaks loose with intense pads and synth strings, creating a storm on the dancefloors!

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