Chris Nemmo
The Nautilus Project

Its around 6 years since the release of Chris Nemmo debut album "Forbidden Paths" on Klik Records. On the 20th of May the Athenean label proudly presents the long awaiting album by the talented Greek Artist. After experimenting through different electronic dance genres and releasing material in several record labels worldwide, Chris Nemmo (a.k.a Christos Panagiotopoulos) presents his second personal album, this time creating a nu-disco/funk amalgamation. The album consists of several different aspects of the scene, employing dirty funky basslines, reminiscent vintage melodies and atmospheric vocals in an effort to simulate a warm analog perception of the disco groove and aesthetics. This new work with the title "The Nautilus Project", contains collaborations with several artists, who provided their unique own touch to the completion of the project. Ares Duke (a.k.a Aris Champsas) worked in several tracks alongside Chris Nemmo, offering ideas on composition, performing electric bass, guitar parts and vocals and expanding the creativity of the initial compositions. Another exceptional, well known vocalist and former singer of the band Film, Etten (a.k.a Eleni Tzavara), after having collaborations with well known producers in her bio (Mikael Delta, Coti K), works for the second time with Chris on the track ‘Half Human’, writing the lyrics and performing the vocal line. Finally, Thalia P (a.k.a Thalia Palivida), Thommy Apergi and Helena Koursou, three different vocalists from three different music backgrounds provide a variety of vocal characteristics and create a blend of genres presented throughout this work. "The Nautilus Project" features 12 unreleased tracks of cosmic house, nu disco, funk and pop. Once more the production quality is massive, providing great musical soundscapes beautiful for the head and feet as well as plenty of solid grooves to offer DJs, and enough personality to make for a completely satisfying home listen.

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