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A love story in reverse Following his "No Camera" release, Giannis Papaioannou is back with his new project. The ideal soundtrack of a love story that seems to reappear with the same intensity as that of the first time. "You & Me" begins exactly where Giannis Papaioannou’s previous project has left us. And if "No Camera" (KLIK Records, 2005) was described by national and international Press as «that kind of deep electronica no one expected to be born in Greece», then "You & Me" can only be referred to as the perfect sequel of a vision without frontiers. Giannis Papaioannou took the first steps of his lonesome endeavour back in the mid 80’s, already being an electronica pioneer at a time when electro music was still misidentified with disco and few were the ones bold enough to "listen" to it –let alone create it. At first with his reel to reel recorder, his analogue synthesizers and Brian Eno solely by his side, and then in full accord with anything significant that took place in the respective scenes of Berlin and Detroit. Always, though, under that unique conviction of a musician who is certain of the fact that there’s but one and single music and the only thing changing is the means creating it. ION’s electronica is the sort of music one may hear (and see!) when closing their eyes while being amidst the noisy downtown centre of a metropolis; the sound of a never-ending summer; a grand sound-and-vision spectacle having no need of cinemascope views or clearly distinguishable musical instruments in order to be released as a whole different movie at the private theatre of those who can still dream on. What ION’s each new project expects from you is the inalienable human right of not having to explain. Three years ago, "No Camera", the most ambitious project in ION’s year-long journey, proved the latter in the best way, by releasing a whole world through the inherent universe of a connoisseur and constantly restless musician a world created to denounce all sorts of compromise in what we all call today “electronica”. Thus managing to travel all the way from London to Tokyo and from Berlin to every well-informed music magazine on the planet and to be enthusiastically applauded as a return to timeless sound, proudly standing right next to the best moments of the European scene. Moreover, "You & Me" lifts the "Greek electronica" case up to levels that can only be described as soon as one experiences the 14 tracks determining its own centre and circumference. With this recording in a seaside analogue studio, aided digitally by a Mac computer and the natural sounds of instruments and vocals, Giannis Papaioannou has constructed a timeless love story in reverse, setting off from the 18th century romanticism to reach the very essence of contemporary isolation. And without any trace of attitude, yet exceeding in soul testimony, he succeeds in turning into sound that sentiment of that first time: when you look somebody in the eyes and you realize –even if it’s only for a second– that you are not alone.

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