Hiroshi Watanabe
Tribute To The Most Imaginative Japanese Producer

At the end of October 2004 KLIK Records strikes back with a brand new release. George Kyriakou (KLIK Records' label manager) proudly presents a tribute project to the most imaginative Japanese producer, Hiroshi Watanabe. The project which will be titled HIROSHI WATANABE - A KLIK RECORDS TRIBUTE TO THE MOST IMAGINATIVE JAPANESE PRODUCER is a unique collection of 6 tracks which Hiroshi has released on some of the most respected international electronic music industry labels, such as Ibadan Records, Kompakt, Third Eye and Frogman Records, under the aliases 32 PROJECT, KAITO, HIROSHI WATANA.BE, QUADRA. The compilation also includes a brand new track which Hiroshi Watanabe recorded in particular for this entirely unique KLIK Records project and it will be also released in 12" at the end of November. 7 tracks with 74 minutes total time, 7 deep style productions with ethereal pads, deep basslines and synths as its main characteristics, create in process, dreamy melodies. Hiroshi Watanabe is one of those people who, through music, manages to distract you from your everyday trials and tribulations and transport you to the most desirable places of your imagination. Each recording is truly a work of art, a work of love and a work of imagination. When you, the auditor, close your eyes, this mesmerizing producer gives you the opportunity to fully create your own colorful, optimistic and even sad or melancholic vision. All of these necessary and substantial human feelings parade in front of your eyes and through your mind, heart and soul. Above all, Hiroshi Watanabe is a man who through his music manages to make you feel. He gives the green light to reach out and grab and devour the amazing sense of feeling. What he does, is that he generously projects this sensitive but strong instinct called human feelings. With this project, Hiroshi Watanabe fulfills by 101% the sense of feeling which is the only and true reason of the existence of music. A KLIK RECORDS timeless masterpiece release.


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