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Klik Records welcomes a new artist to its roster. A familiar music personality to the Greek and International electronic scene, Cayetano with his third full-length album ‘Back Home’. After two releases on the Etage Noir label, one in collaboration with Loopa Scava and his album ‘The Big Fall’, Cayetano is now recognised in the world of electronic music, standing shoulder to shoulder with his artist influences such as Bonobo, Peder and Quantic. Once more Cayetano continues creating music in his own unique way, a blend of dubby, jazzy, latin and trip hop sounds which sees our protagonist surrounded once again by his long time associates George Haritos playing trombone, Renos Psarras on trumpets, Jimmy Joanne on bass, Stephan Knuf on drums, DJ Booker on turntables, Akis Katsoupakis on Rhodes keyboards and finally the voice of Valia Athanasiadou. An academic musician but most of all a modern and conscious artist, Cayetano is not afraid to use the latest technology in order to create musical compositions based on his influences and life experiences. Today, sampling faces glorious days, so the proper use of it can be a great proof of the value and respect an artist pays towards the art he serves. It’s a way to bring together sounds from different backgrounds and cultures, creating a landmark musical result of today's world. ’Back Home’ provides ten different musical stories that Cayetano brings together as one unique whole. From the sparkling shimmer of ‘Glassleaves’ to the scratched up funk of ‘K Blues’ and the dub inflected ‘Day After Day’ to the otherworldly waltz of the closing ‘Left My Girl For A Bizarre Sextet’, Cayetano’s new musical journey is full of subtle twists and turns.

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