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Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milyutenko are widely known as SCSI-9 and are by far the most recognizable and booked house / techno duo from Russia. With a total of more than 50 releases and 120 tracks so far on labels such as Traum/Trapez, Salo, Freizeitglauben, Morris Audio, Highgrade, Force Tracks, Tyrant and Kompakt they have earned great respect worldwide and are famous for their eclectic and crystal clear tech sound. What seems to be really impressive in the SCSI-9 sound are the strong feelings that each track carries, something quite strange considering the cold environment of their motherland. This “Mediterranean” touch made them stand out among the Russian electronic music community and gave them the role of the “New romantics” and the “Originators of the Russian Deep” according to the press worldwide. And as Michael Mayer wrote in one of his reviews “In the contemporary electronica the name SCSI-9 stands for truth and beauty”. By the time SCSI-9 first appeared in the electronic music scene, the tech house sound had begun to fade and been full of mimicking. Their “Digital Russian” album marked a new era with it’s dubby takes on tech house, full of hypnotic grooves, unforgettable melodies and amazingly careful programming. A state of the art production that made them instantly an act to watch. Their next steps in their career included their flirt with Kompakt and the “digital disco” sound where “Autumn Love” and “Mini” could fit in any well made Balearic and Ibiza oriented compilation of the time. The “Line of Nine” album showed their pop touch in the new Russian Deep House movement. Laidback, cheerful, melodic arrangements growing slowly into a groove. Something they kept doing in their “Easy as Down” album which proved once again their consistency in the perfect production and their love for pop flavored melodic Tech house. Almost four years after their latest album release, SCSI-9 continue their odyssey through the oceans of electronica, this time together with longtime friends at Klik Records. Inspired by works of Jean Luc Godard and Arthur Rimbaud, Anton and Maxim now steer their boat over deep and slow waters, presenting "Metamorphosis", their new album featuring dark, bass-rich compositions. Focusing in the sound that made them famous in the beginning they experiment a lot with dub sound and dark ambient and stepping away from the pop forms of their recent past. From the very first moment of the album we can hear their intentions. The atmosphere in “Intronome” is moody, foggy and mysterious. Long gone the cheerful and happy times. Once again the duo’s trademark is easily recognizable. Crystal clear sound. “Schaukel Duo” marks their new dubby statement. Slowly evolving into the perfect companion for an early in the morning – back from clubbing – drive, with the sound of a rusty swing going back and forth bringing memories of the past. Memories that keep on coming with “Nostalgia”, keeping a similar dubby tone, using a guitar to get us back on a summer’s night next to the sea watching the fire mood. “Song From The High Tower” and “I’m Lost” include formidable vocals from Vienna's singer Gregor Ladenhauf, well-known as Zanshin and part of Ogris Debris. While “Song From The High Tower” retains a straight and driving but minimalist arrangement of a song, “I’m Lost” goes more leftfield and deep with the effects on the vocals and uses deep dubby chords. “Alphaville”, inspired by the famous movie of Jean Luc Godard, is deephouse par excellence which includes vocal bits from Stylish Murphn morphed beyond recognition and samples of a duduk (a traditional Armenian pipe), thus matching Godard’s antiutopia. Dub instruments are used on most of the tracks, even in the more melodic ones like “Nostalgia” which perfectly matches with it’s mood to the cover pictures – contributed by one of Russia's most famous art photographer Mikhail Rosanov, who shot them during a recent expedition to Antarctica and is going to show them as huge black & white prints in a museum of modern art in Moscow. With "Metamorphosis", SCSI-9 show a musical snapshot of today's reality and transmute real life experiences into their 5th full-size album with a totally new overall sound. The album will be released on the 9th Of April 2012 on cd, special edition double vinyl with free cd album included and via digital platforms.

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