Rhodes Experience selected by Tasos Giasiranis

Born in Rhodes Island, Greece, Tasos Giasiranis has always been one of the leading personalities promoting this amazing place. Apart from being a successful businessman, his passion for music and his great taste are things that can’t go unnoticed. We have witnessed this in the past, getting lost in the magic of his compilations, all dedicated to his beloved birthplace. It’s no secret he can create a unique atmosphere. Picking tracks from a wide range of electronica sounds, matching them with pictures of special parts of the island and the result could only be one. A whole summer closed in a compilation. Looking at each magnificent postcard and listening to each track that has been chosen as an escort, you have the feeling that you’ll be able to feel the island, hear the island, smell the island, taste the island…… the island. Rhodes Experience is all these and more. Rhodes Experience is Rhodes in a box…..

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