Kind Of Human

Yiannis Douskos has become one of the main front runners to emerge from his homeland of Greece and make an impact upon the international electronic scene over the course of the past few years. As Dousk, he has earned the recognition and respect of many of the world's key DJs including John Digweed, Dave Seaman and Hernan Cattaneo and this is further highlighted by his ongoing relationships with labels that include Bedrock, Audio Therapy and Vapour Recordings, amongst many others. 2005 saw the beginning of his relationship with Klik Records, with the inaugural artist release 'D.I.Y', an album that traversed a multitude of underground genres, seamlessly drawing in elements of downtempo, breakbeat, trip hop and house and presenting them in via a unique, multi layered listening experience that received widespread acclaim from all corners of the dance scene. In the time that has since passed, Dousk's career has diversified, and his musical direction has reflected this. Whilst he was heralded as a 'great talent', the depth and creative genius that has become prevalent in his music since the release of 'D.I.Y', has transformed him into a credited creator, and this is evidenced through the output that features on his sophomore album 'Kind Of Human'. Featuring 16 new and previously unheard tracks, Dousk's second venture for Klik Records is far more organic and natural than it's predecessor, venturing deeper into the downtempo sounds that were briefly touched upon previously, drawing in elements of lounge and jazz, and featuring live instrumentation via Dousk's collaboration with Greek band Flakes, whom provide guitar and drum accompaniment on such tracks as 'Flunked', 'Dolly' and 'Good For You'. The end result is a deeper, more soulful and humanistic album, one that steadily develops from its opening and comes to fruition by the time it comes to its warm and emotive climax. An album that highlights the continuing growth and potential of one of Greece's best talents, and one that will musically expand with each listen.

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