Timo Maas
Music For The Maases 2

Following the maassive success of Music For The Maases Vol. 1 which sold 80,000 copies worldwide -gaining the Album of the Year title at Ministry of Sound and the Compilation of the Year title at MIXMAG magazine for the year 2000, as well as the huge success of his personal album Loud with 200,000 copies worldwide, Timo Maas is back. KLIK Records releases its second project in alliance with Hope Recordings, presenting one of the most popular DJs and remixers, Timo Maas, in his brand new project Music For The Maase Vol.2. The tracklisting includes Timo Maas`s top remixes for some of the biggest names in the music scene among which, are: Placebo, Moby, Garbage, Kelis, Fatboy Slim, Moloko, BT, as well as an exclusive new track by Timo Maas himself. KLIK Records releases this particular production with a Bonus DVD for the price of a single CD, which features material from Timo`s tour in North America, interviews, tour visuals as well as his new single Unite.


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