Jun Yamabe & Enitokwa

With no doubt the duet of Jun Yamabe & Enitokwa is our next big signing from Japan. They both recorded their project within 2006-2007 and we proudly present this new release on Monday the 3rd of December 2007. . Our connection with the Japanese music culture, mainly through the "Hiroshi Watanabe" releases as well as the project "Big In Japan", has proved that the Japanese people despite their fast technological evolution and the amazingly fast way of living, when they are about to produced music their sound can de easily described as "Mediterranean". This designation comes from the feelings born through out a listening experience. Feelings that can be scary, if you realize what's happening into the intense inner world of the artists. This is the strongest feeling we actually got when we first listen to the music of Jun Yamabe & Enitokwa. For sure music unites! The music of Jun Yamabe & Enitokwa is airy, trippy, addictive! You can be lostby listening to it. It brings memories and fulfills you! 10 strong, astounding tracks that blend ambient, idm and Japanese techno, creating a complete project for a full, non stop listening experience. We can certainly say that there is a great story behind the project "Bisai".

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