Tales Beyond The Unknown

Macrocosm, Ancient world, Nanosphere, Chemisphere... Track titles, as well as the definition of the atmosphere which this new Greek electronica duet creates with its sound... Klik Records and Acropod invite you on the 25th of May 2005 to a unique journey into thoughts' most mystical paths. "Tales beyond the Unknown" will be released and it will lead you to a journey around the world that lasts 75 minutes and 36 seconds. Acropod, who have already created a sensation with their track "Ancient World" which was included in the "One Nation" compilation, present their first complete project, the concept album "Tales beyond the Unknown". This is a project with deep & ethereal electronica sounds, on which downtempo moments with trippy chords and melodic pads, alternate between rolling drums and smooth breaks, resulting in sounds that are capable of creating different images and feelings to each auditor, depending on his or her own experiences. If Hiroshi Watanabe has charmed you, if you are looking for the golden section between early Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Sasha, if music is a reason for you to contemplate, then you should discover Acropod and their "Tales beyond the Unknown" on the 25th of May. One of the most creative and respected producers of the British deep & atmospheric sound, Aural Imbalance's (a.k.a. Simon Huxtable) contribution to the album is catalytic. Moreover, even before the album was released, some of the most important DJs and producers, such as Nick Warren (Way Out West) and Leon Alexander (Hope Recordings), had described it as an "awesome production"!

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