Silicone Soul
Staring Into Space

Clear your mind and drift into Silicone's soul... "Rather special" - DJ Mag, "Truly exceptional" -Update, "This one is going to be big"-Fact, "Good things come to those that wait"-IDJ, "A truly spine tingling piece of music"-M8. On Monday the 11th of April 2005 Klik records in cooperation with Soma records presents the brand new album of Silicone Soul. Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie are back with their new album 'Staring Into Space', a stellar composition of deep and emotive music. It has been four years since Silicone Soul conquered the world with their stunning homage to Curtis Mayfield, 'Right On!' which truly deserves the 'classic' accolade and propelled the boys into the UK top twenty. As Craig says "Our sound is more developed and cohesive than on our last album, although we don't have any set ideas before entering the studio we have tried to make an album of music with a vibe running through it rather than a 'house' album.'Right On!' did well and that took us by surprise a little ... we definitely believe in not compromising our music, so instead of perhaps trying to do similar tracks to 'Right on!' we decided to take time out and get our own vibe and sound together in the studio and see what happened -basically like we have always done". Since then they have been working non-stop, from Djing around the world to building up their Darkroom Dubs imprint, remixing and putting together a new studio to develop the Silicone Soul sound. "We're influenced by a lot of different styles of music" says Craig, "From that Jamaican Dance Hall vibe of the '70's, people like Lee Perry, Gregory Isaacs, King Tubby and Augustus Pablo to funk, soul and disco, people like Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, The Temptations and Sly & The Family Stone right through to the Wild Pitch sound, DJ Pierre, Felix Da Housecat, the classic Chicago sound, Basic Channel…I could go on forever." Although they list punk and rock n' roll as their early influences, bands such as The Stooges, MC5, Hendrix, The Stones, The Clash and Glasgow's own Primal Scream, they were converted to the house sound of Glasgow by Slam in the early Nineties and since their early releases on Soma they have been refining their unique deep groove. Debut album 'A Soul Thing' was a lauded by critics upon its release in March 2000 and established Silicone Soul as one of Soma's most prominent and popular acts. Now with 'Staring Into Space' they have taken their music to a new dimension and have incorporated live instrumentation and vocals, with outstanding performances from Chippy (Guitar), Tom MacNiven (Trumpet) and Brian Molley (Sax). Fans of the Silicone Soul sound will not be disappointed. Their trademark liquid house, tight beats are here in abundance, fused with a marvellous musicality and substance that prevails throughout. Hypnotic, dubbed out grooves like 'Folie A Deux', 'Inferno' and 'Smoke & Mirrors' are reminiscent of vintage Silicone Soul tracks, brimming with lush textures, echo and space. 'When The Devil Drives', 'Room 666 At The Deadly Hotel' and the post - apocalyptic 'Burning Sands' are psychedelic expeditions into space-jazz, and the delicious 'You Can't Lose What You Never Had' is a down-tempo highlight, a moving and emotive song featuring soulful vocals from Soma labelmate Hope Grant aka Envoy. The awesome 'Feeling Blue' reunites Craig and Graeme with Louise Marshall, the vocalist who sang on their 'Right On!' smash. Here they have conjured an astro-house anthem that is out of this world. This ultra infectious track is the next single to be released and features remixes by Silver City, Soul Mekanik and The Spirals. The album does have it's share of dancefloor burners, 'Les Nocturnes' is a supreme slice of future-disco which is inspired by their love of Parisian nightlife, and 'Under A Werewolf Moon', a chunky tribute to the US house sound of the early nineties. 'Staring Into Space' concludes with the outrageous 'Poisoner's Diary'. This is a driving, Blondie inspired slug of synth-pop featuring vocals from Stuart Gray of Viva Stereo, one of Glasgow's hippest guitar bands. This is a genuinely remarkable album from two of dance music's brightest stars.


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