Nu Romantix Eclectic Electroclash Soundz

"Faces Flashing Neon Light You Know It's Time To Move Your Feet To The Metal Disco Beat!" With these lyrics Katya Casio of Hong Kong Counterfeit epitomizes the object and philosophy of the legendary elekroklash movement. Some motorcycle midnight guys, some neon lights, a silver disco ball and a metallic metronome that disciplines the body are enough... Katya Casio, of course, as the rest of the supporters of the new elektroklash scene, who construct this Nu Romantix compilation of Eclectic Elektroklash Soundz, probably know very little of Tubeway Army`s "Replicas", Devo`s "Mongoloids" or Kraftwerk`s "Models". What they know, they have sensed it more as an echo of the myths of the past and not so much as something they have experienced themselves... Perhaps, this is why the elektroklash trend is so passionate, this is why it has spent energy and long studio hours in order to study the pioneers and thus, has revived electro pop`s evocative metronome, has dusted italo disco`s silver ball and has organized its parties in storehouses like the ones in Detroit during the mid 80`s. Elektroklash is a straightforward portrayal of the electro feeling, ranging from the new-romantic futurists (Visage, Classix Nouveaux...) to the pioneers of electronic music (Human League, Normal...), grafted with the technological intelligence of the European school (Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone...), Italian feel-good disco (Bobby Orlando, Azoto...) and the sensual hi-NRG (Lime, Lipps Inc...) as well as strokes of 90`s rhythmic tunes (Orbital, Grid...). Of course, elektroklash also means freestyle parties, designer drugs and on-line remixes... And all of these add value and a reason for elekroklash to be here today, all the elements that make it... so 00`s... The Nu Romantix: Eclectic Elektroklash Soundz album, is compiled by sworn elektrohead and Hysterika (...) devotee, George Geranios, wrapped in a futuristic artwork that "mirrors" the content`s abstractive character as well as the sounds` sleekness and precision - a KLIK Records release which fully demonstrates the appropriate integrity and credibility towards the new music styles. Nu Romantix: Eclectic Elektroklash Soundz could not have been released with a conventional cover... a twelve-track compilation, with some known and some not so well known tracks, an anthology of an underground style, which sometimes springs onto the mainstream current, which is just as fair in any case...

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