Hiroshi Watanabe
Sounds Of Instruments 01

One year following the release of the album "Hiroshi Watanabe: A Klik Records tribute", the independent Greek label presents on the 15th of December 2005 the new project by this amazing Japanese producer and dj.Hiroshi Watanabe created on behalf of Klik Records the mixed album titled "Sounds of Instruments 01"- which also happens to be his first mixed cd ever - with 15 tracks, 6 of which have not been previously released until today. The release includes a bonus dvd, with video art visuals created by Thanasis Tedolouris (a.k.a. C.V.), with images that take the viewer-auditor on a 'journey', along with the music background by the Japanese 'wizard'.Whoever heard Hiroshi Watanabe's dj sets he presented in Greece during his two stays in Greece in 2005, already know that this is a rare experience filled with deep, dreamy, trippy electronic sounds. For everyone else, the one thing we can say in order to give the idea behind "Sounds of Instruments 01", is simply this: Hiroshi behind the decks is a contemporary 'magician' of rhythm and melody! Among the tracks being heard, Hiroshi Watanabe presents to the Greek (and even more) audiences, some of the top Japanese producers, such as Seiichiro Tanaka, Sora (a.k.a. DJ Sodeyama & Gonno), Takayuki Higo and Enitokwa. Moreover, three Greek creators participate: Mikael Delta, ION (Giannis Papaioannou) and Kevin Sunray, as well as some of the most important names from the european dance-electronica scene (Soda Inc, Vince Watson, Markus Guntner) and of course Hiroshi Watanabe himself, with two of his alter egos (Kaito and Tread). "Sounds of Instruments 01" initiates a new series of Klik Records compilations, which will not only include the mixed cd's, but also a unique innovation for Greek standards: bonus dvd's that 'visualize' the sound result!

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