Blue Pilots Project
Flight For Everyone

Our first glimpse at the extraordinary world of Blue Pilots Project was through the Klik Records compilation One Nation and their track " Wonderful Acoustic World". On the 14th of May 2007 Blue Pilots Project belong to the roster of Klik Records and they present their debut album, adding a new dimension to the sound of the label. Thomas Kosidis a.k.a Blue Pilots Project was born in Thessalonica in 1972. He grew up listening the music of the ‘world’. From classic to psychedelic music. His relationship with the conservatoire of Thessalonica ended very soon and then he set his first studio at the industrial area of his hometown and he started his journey to the analog psychedelic sound. Piano, guitars, percussion and later the use of computer created the unique sound of Blue Pilots Project. ‘Flight for Everyone’ started from the urge to collect all those things that he had in his mind during the ‘studio’ era. A truly unique debut album that sets new standards to the Greek electronica scene. Psychedelic analog electro sound in a very interesting combination that makes ' Flight For Everyone' far more different than what we’ve heard. Analog - instruments with the use of a computer create a multi – level sound. Vibes that you can get only by an endless journey. Atmospheric and captivating with smooth but also intense dynamic melodies. Flesh, African Path and Avandgarde (that reminds Thievery Corporation), Men On The Ground (like a noisy city) Guess (takes you to a mysterious landscape), Gadgly, Remake, ready to fly Take Off and E.N.D. are the best moments of Flight For Everyone'. Welcome to the magical music flight of the Blue Pilots Project

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