Every Day A Story 3

Almost two years after the release of the compilation’s second part, George Kyriakou offers 12 tracks each of which can act as a short everyday story, while adding a spherical view of the current trends in electronica. On "Everyday a Story 3" you will listen to projects that have been released on some of the most important labels (Kompakt, Frozen North Recordings, Italic, Dial, Combination, Lado, Pias and Klik Records). Long lasting trips under the sounds of Superpicther, Jussi Peka, Lawrence, Agoria, Patha Du Prince, Serafim Tsotsonis, Liberto, Savvas Ysatis & Hristos Lainas, Lowtec, Trauermusik and SCSI 9. The denominator of all 12 tracks is the atmosphere they create, from the most nonchalant, almost acoustic moments, to beats breaking out. Arrives to prove that Music is, above all, a Feeling...

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