Glass Coffee
Glass Coffee – The Miracle Part 1

In the years of fast everything, that time seems less than ever before, spending moments on a single action, no matter how much enjoyment this will bring back, feels like a huge investment. Whether it’s being with our beloved ones, reading, even listening, focused, to our favourite music, the fear of missing out is always there, taking the fun away. Little shots of everything wait in the corner, ready to conquer the world. In such a troubled period, a man of great taste, a crowd pleaser behind the decks, a true music lover, Glass Coffee, decided to present us all with the first part of his debut “I Will Keep You Safe”. Humble to the bone, Glass Coffee doesn’t approach this first part of his long play as an artist, but rather as a story teller. One of those that could rivet crowds, by just using simple words in a unique order. Those, that could be found in the hot Middle Eastern deserts, the cold Nordic mountains or some typical roman cafes in the picturesque Tuscany countryside. Glass Coffee is presenting his soul to the wide audience. A small part, as our days call for, together with a small part of his long journey. The highs, the lows, the glamour, the filth, the joys, the tears, the power, the fears. But above all, the music. “The Miracle. .Part One” will be out on all digital platforms through Klik Records on September’s 7th.



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