Smokey Bandits

Its business as usual in The Smokey Bandits house: bass lines come and go, trumpets sitting lazy in the living room, accordions and trombones melting around, congas, maracas and bongos arguing about the last Tarantino's film, flutes want to take the leadership, old-school Waltzes n’ Tangos drinking a big bottle of champagne, guitars and Rhodes sitting comfortably in the sofa watching (one more time) "Smokey And The Bandit" (their favorite film). Everything's so "everyday cool" that you might ask yourself if this is "the normal" for every house. If you take a look at the walls’ corners you might discover the grooves dynamics sitting there quietly. Even their girlfriends don't know that they are there. And all of a sudden you can imagine it: two Dark Knights walking in extremely dangerous neighborhoods of Gotham City alongside Almodovar, Guy Richie, Danny Boyle and Quentin Tarantino! It’s time to direct a film. But is this true or another fake dream? At least 20 years have passed from the first time that The Smokey Bandits have seen Chet Baker in television, singing and playing his trumpet. Since then they have believed that he has always had the "golden touch". He had people eating music dreams from the palm of his hands. Those years Margaret Thatcher was still in power. Ronald Reagan was President of USA. Berlin Wall stood still. Nelson Mandela was in prison and apartheid was "the king" in South Africa. But things always change. A social and cultural revolution was ready to take the lead. There were hundreds of illegal warehouse parties all over the world mixing up music and people. Vinyl was power and you were buying music from record stores. There were no CD mixers. Only yuppies had mobile phones and those had the size of a brick. It was a time pre-email and pre-internet. It seems unbelievable that we have survived! And now……… we feel Out Of Space! The Future is calling us. We need a unique n’ true sound necessary to give the justice that each season demands. That’s why The Smokey Bandits respect Chet totally. This might sound a little bit blue or old-fashioned but they cannot be phony in front of you. They want to share only true stories and honest music with everyone. They spent hundreds of hours inside their studio talking, making music, smoking a lot of cigarettes (when their friends came in, the smoke was so much that they usually complain……. "Hey! It’s so Smokey in here!"), cutting 50s and 60s Jazz n’ Swing samples even thought they didn’t actually use any of the cuts (just the same chilly feeling you’ve got when you find an incredible sample to a long-lost buried vinyl………. it feels like you’re a music Bandit). So this is the beginning in a long-distance trip, the "Debut", an album with no genre or style cause it’s a new style on it’s own! Wicked, honest and true music for everybody…… If this is the end dear friends we have to remind you how great it is to breathe the air. We will listen, once again, to Chet singing that love’s a losing game, we will pay our telephone bill, we will turn the electricity off and we will give our respects to the poor child down the road……..The Smokey Bandits are here!

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