The Line Of Nine

On Monday the 22nd of May 2006 Klik Records in cooperation with Kompakt presents the new album of the world respected russian duo, Scsi-9. So let's go for the history lesson... it's been a remarkable road that KOMPAKT veterans Anton Kubikov and Maxim Miluytenko have travelled since embarking as Moscow's most endearing minimal techno/house act as SCSI-9. From SALO to FORCE TRACKS, TRAPEZ and beyond, these lads have captivated DJ's and dance floors around the world with their remarkable ability to construct an uplifting, emotive mood fuelled by the pulse of the unprejudiced, techy beat. Dance music has evolved to astronomical proportions over the past years in Russia and SCSI-9 manage to keep on top of it; whether it be hosting international talent or through their overlooked label imprint PRO-TEZ, their contribution and dedication to the growth of the minimal scene there is immeasurable. And now it's time... though they've kept the vinyl purists intoxicated with a steady stream of 12" singles, it's been over 3 years since their debut album "DIGITAL RUSSIAN" (Force Tracks) they've come up with their most accomplished work to date as "THE LINE OF NINE". Recorded in Moscow over the past half year (rumored as being the same recording studio that Tatu used) "THE LINE OF NINE" puts forward a fantastic cluster of dimension and depth to an overpopulated world of disposable, faceless music that exists in minimal techno currently. Fans of SCSI-9's FORCE TRACKS days will be delighted to indulge through tracks as "ECLAIR DE LUNE" that whispers the early-20th Century's magic of minimal-house with a delicate twist of classical piano and sweeping synths. The vocal ballad that echoes throughout the title track "THE LINE OF NINE" remarks HERBERT & DANI SICILLIANO's finest moments - pure coffee-house bliss.

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