Aural Exciter

KLIK RECORDS presents "THE AURAL EXCITER" cd compilation This season you got to know the AURAL EXCITER NIGHTS that Klik Records organized every Thursday at the Soul Stereo club. On the 16th of January 2006, the "Aural Exciter" cd will be released, a Klik Records compilation that was edited by the company's own Dimitris Avgeros. The "Aural Exciter" compilation includes 12 tracks -2 of which previously unreleased- by the ‘firstliners' of contemporary electronica- in a soundscape that extends from absolute minimality to cutting beats- with the sentimental charges and the dreamy mood acting as the common thread, as well as the fact that in the majority comes from the country that electronic-music-as-we-know-it was created, Germany. On "Aural Exciter" you'll get to hear tracks by Sebastien Tellier, Paul Kalkbrenner, Jurgen Paape, Minilogue, Turner, Gamat 3000, The Field, Silver City, Sascha Funke, Phantom/Ghost, remixes by ATA, Lawrence, Wighnomy Brothers, Ewan Pearson, Superpitcher & Tobias Thomas as well as the new tracks by the Greek electronica pioneer, Mikael Delta, and by a creator that's now become a part of Klik Records' roster, Serafim Tsotsonis.

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