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Take Me Higher

It was a love at first sound!! JK Soul and vocalist Lala Pumpkin met during a tour with the best Slovenian MC’s “Emkej” in 2012. By the very first moment he listened to her captivating voice he new he had to work with her. At the same moment she listened to his fat beats and killer instrumentation she new she had to work with him. After a few gigs together they were sure. JK Soul had a new vision for his new album “Take Me Higher”.He wanted to show the world his wide range of production skills and his capability of moving through the different styles of electronic music with class. Not a lover of sticking to any stylistic niche to mark his territory. Electronic music was always his playground so now House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, together with touches of Reggae and Soul are equal parts in his new creations all of which are there to enrich his unique and famous hip hop based beats and soul influenced trip hop trademarks. Lala Pumpkin’s voice moves the listener far away, across the European borders and in the west side of the Atlantic, sounding so fresh and full of emotion but at the same time strong and certain of the capabilities that carries like a funk diva. Provides the perfect companion to JK Soul’s unique sounds. “Take Me Higher” is rich in styles. JK Soul is neither afraid to play with boundaries, nor pass through them instead of over them. He combines all elements as if they were truly meant to be together. From the “surf” inspired bass on the opening track “Blow Rider” which blends masterfully with his heavy beats and Lala’s funk oriented vocals, to the dubstep monster that provides the album with it’s title and the 4/4’s La Kitara and Trumpet anthem, he composes tunes that will place a smile in everybody’s face. A new perception in every style with Cayetano supplying the base on which JK builds his wonderful remix of the track “Be My Queen” combineing massive hiphop beats with a dubsptep touch while the Rebel Elementz offering their voices in the reggae “Rebel Anthem” where JK shows us his thoughts on reggae music of the future. And as we talk about anthems and summer is near, “Summer Goodbye” will be definitely a hit in every beach across the planet. For the end of the trip JK Soul gives us “Catfish”, a down tempo composition flirting with early 40’s blues and last but not least the magnificent, slow moving “Hurts”. JK Soul started his musical career as a radio technician at a really early age. A few years later and at a very young age of he was also involved with Tomy or Zox Productions, producing a large number of house tracks sold throughout Europe. In 2003 the track "Music Makes Me Happy" was positioned on almost all European dance charts including JK Soul’s remix. This was followed by the discovery of his passion for hip-hop and trip – hop under the influences of his long time friend Gramatik. The magic world of beats, starches and raw hip-hop tunes were the main reason that moved him to became one of the best scratch DJs in Slovenia. His first album was released in 2009 on the Cold Busted (Denver, CO) label. "Dinner with the Beatz Vol.1" was a highly fulfilling debut album. With influences from the roots and culture of early Hip Hop and Soul, Vol. 1 is served with funky, jazzy and fresh beats, melodies and samples with tastes and styles that make it a delicious 18-track album. The release was followed by a tour in the US together with Gramatik , as an opening act for Pretty Lights. In May 2010 his 2nd album from the series " Dinner with the Beatz" he released with a great success since it went straight into the TOP10 Chillout Chart @ Beatport. The single "The Music" topped the Beatport chart and remained there more than a month. After more than 2 years the track was still moving on the TOP 100 Chillout chart and was a part of Beatport's "TOP 10 Chillout songs of 2010". His 3rd album "SHADOWS", released in August 2010 , involved street soul hip hop music, with wobble bass lines, synths and many other electronic sounds. Many important sources and web sites gave it a positive review. In May 2011 JK Soul grounded his own label "FAT Sound", and finally in June 2011 released on it "Dinner with FAT beatz", his latest long-player. He immediately got a big attention and very good reviews from journalists and artist community as well as international radio play, and different collaboration offers and opportunities. In October 26th he released his "UNIVERSAL LOVE EP". The EP was a success and you can find it still on the top 10 Beatport.com Chill Out chart. In 2012 JK Soul produced a full length album for one of the best Slovenian MC's EMKEJ. Album called "Znajdi Se". The 1st single "Znajdi Se" went straight on #2 on MTV Adria "domacica chart" just in 2 weeks. At the end of March 2012 Beatport has given to JK Soul the BMA (Beatport music award) nomination for "best chill out artist of 2011".

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