Mikael Delta
Timeless Beauty

As time goes by and he continues to be devoted to his art, Mikael Delta has proved that he is a very special music personality, who knows very well how to evolve his sound, while remaining influenced by his intense past, his special present and his optimistic future. His worry about anything that doesn’t follow a natural process, his angst about the next healthy day, his rich and beautiful sentimental world… all of these, are precious ‘music instruments’ for the materialization of a new project. TIMELESS BEAUTY is yet another self-contained story with everyday moments which are portrayed through electronic music. This is a concept electro/tech album, which is adapted to the demands of the modern electronic sound, that’s once again distinguished by its aesthetics and impeccable production. Two elements that prove in the best possible way, Mikael Delta’s unique creativity. TIMELESS BEAUTY includes 11 tracks which cover a wide soundscape of the electronic family tree. Dark ambience atmospheres, trippy synths and distorted basslines, are ideal as the morbid downtempo opening track, Zebra Crossing. Dreamy deep tech house with tracks such as Soundway In Town, Joy and Shooting Star, with melancholic synth pads and strings that create an intense emotional response, as well as minimal techno with tracks such as Werzweifelt Glucklich (undoubtedly one of the hidden treasures on this project). Electro tech productions with distorters, echoes, filters, looped synths as well as groovy basslines make up Dazed, Timeless Beauty, Miles of White, Superbliper and Miss you, as the essential dancefloor selections, as well as pure electro, such as Forget me Not. Dazed, Timeless Beauty and Joy are the first releases of our new label, Nuevo, in collaboration with German Kompakt. Timeless Beauty Ep pt.1 was released on the 3rd of April, was included in dj playlists around the world and sold out in the first week.

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