Domotel Hospitality Matters 2

On December’s 15th 2010 Klik records releases the second volume of the Domotel compilation by George Kyriakou. Aiming at the Volos Xenia Domotel, the newest member of the Domotel Luxury Hotels, restarted it’s operation on June 2006 after the end of a huge rebuilding and a substantial upgrade of it’s services transforming it in a contemporary 5 star city and conventions resort. It’s unique placement, next to the sea and under the mountain of the Centaurs makes it the perfect choice for every visitor of the city of Volos, a base for trips to the beautiful Sporades Islands and the graphic villages of Pilio. George Kyriakou picks 10 tracks of contemporary electronica with the freshest sound, creating a compilation that perfectly accompanies the elegance of Domotel Xenia Volou. Music for every moment by some of the world’s best artists in the electronic music scene like Ralph Myerz, Animat, Flowers And Sea Creatures, Hot Toddy, Loin Brothers and more.

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