One Nation 2

On the 14th of March 2006, Klik RecordsB presents its new release, the sequel to the "One Nation" compilation. A year after the series' first part, the double cd album "One Nation 2" arrives to record the evolution of the electronica-dance sound of Thessalonica, as all the tracks come from producers who are based in this marvelous city. Achilleas Hekimoglou has chosen the 24 tracks which represent all of EDM's trends; from minimal techno, progressive breaks and tech house, to lo-fi electronica, broken beats, trip hop and ambient. This is also the first time ever for a compilation to record all the directions of the contemporary electronic sound and demonstrates in the best possible way, the unique creativity that these Thessalonians producers have to show, some of whom make their debut discography appearance through "One Nation 2", while others have already presented some excellent producing samples. This gives us the wonderful opportunity of presenting these great talents one by one. DJ Pici released the album 'Decades' two years ago on Poeta Negra's label and received smashing reviews by the Greek as well as the British, Spanish, Italian etc Press. His main occupation is choosing music for the amazing Thessalonian Elvis bar, with a preference for electronica and ambient to IDM, techno and tech-house. 'Cinematic' Serafim Tsotsonis creates music for the cinema, theatre, video art and dance theatre for nights fuelled by glitter that create attitudes with no meaning. Then we've got And id who in 2000 started implementing his music knowledge in high-class productions, one of which was selected by Jimmy Van M for a film soundtrack. He's deservedly won many credits as an up-and-coming Greek producer thanks to his releases on labels such as Klik, Ôhinner, Erase and Ware Schallplatten, while as a member of NON, he participated in 2003 at Cape Town's Red Bull Music Academy. Sunset Blvd aka Delay Exhibition was introduced to dub, dance, American jazz as well as trip hop and chill cinematica in the early 80's. In 1995 he created the Delay Exhibition project and a little later he released "Little" in collaboration with J-Walk of Grandcentral Records. Sunset Blvd is a new, jazzier freestyle project filled with Street American stories, West Coast losers, Waits-esque exaggerations and Cohen-style eroticism that coexist with jazzy rides and western vocals. The amazing duet Echnomist & Lookman are active members in the underground electronic scene in Thessalonica as DJs and producers who steadily move up the ladder of success and have made extraordinary appearances at Elvis Bar. Echonomist & Lookman are also collaborators in a group. As members of ÉÍÖÏ they have participated in plenty compilations and have released an album, while their creativity is also behind the group The Scientifics who move on a more Breaks/Minimal/Tech-House style. When it comes to matters of the heart, there's V-Sag. V-Sag has always followed his heart for the creation of genuine and passionate dance music. Through his many years of practice and research he has managed to attain top-notch knowledge of sound mastering and sound engineering techniques. Nowadays, his productions are supported by DJs and producers worldwide while his releases belong in some of the most respected and forward-thinking labels around. An amazing music talent is what makes Andrew K special, as he was born a musician. Although he's still very young, he has an amazing discography on labels such as Global Underground, Mo-Do, Vapour, Wallop, Distraekt, Klik, Armada and Babylon as well as a cv full of successful gigs in Argentina, Mexico, USA, Panama, Czech Republic, India, Slovakia, Turkey, Italy and more. Another talent that seems to be gaining more and more points is Fantom. He has collaborated with Party Mobile Services and the NON team as well as with numerous electronic music productions, where he encompasses genres that range from trip-hop and breaks, to techno and electro-tech and even experimental. Moving along we find AGAVE INC creating electronica that's based on guitars, live recordings of bass lines and ethereal vocals. Then comes Scenic. His course in electronic music started when he became a member of the group Drone, in Thessalonica. His music which is influenced by 'midnight' feelings, comes through powerful techno rhythms and dark ambient atmospheres. 'Indigo' is a track which continuously expresses ideas that successfully ignite intense feelings, through his clear rhythms and warm melodies, but mostly through the very special electro mix he applies to his elements. When it comes to some other extraordinary groups, we have the following: Langsam achieve electronic moody/lo fi atmospheres, while Eko Tiger who were created in 2002 have up to this day devoted themselves to synths, funk, soundtracks (and cold drinks). Lovelab, on the other hand, created the track 'Blue Moon' in one of those blissful moments of massive brainstorming. It was initially created for a movie about a separation, but the end result is a wonderful atmosphere set up behind velvety female vocals and nights with blue moons. If you've ever wondered what the construction of electronic music is, the answer is in the name Parts Per Million. Small parts that you put together, change them around, fix them up and alter them into something new. The track '100 Close Friends' is the lonely soundtrack for the people who don't really have anyone around them. Then, we've got the acoustic ballads in minimal tech, ambience and blues that compose Eyecam's DNA. A large number of his tracks are found over the internet and Eyecam keeps on experimenting like he did when he was a teen. Next up is Donnie and the Bunny who creates great melodies, Gio Red from Candyflip Records really know how to create deep grooves and Los Dies offers acoustic snugness, while Subotek, MCST, Stillbuzzin and DJ Nice create killer tunes. Last, Seminal, Lego J and Enormous Dee Feat Spoiled manage to mix different styles in order to create magic moments. Enjoy !!!!


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