Every Day A Story 4

So tired... from all that's happening inside and around me. There is nothing to rely on, everything is crumbling down and it makes me feel like an extra in the theatre of the absurd. My only joy is the fresh breeze, the rain and the winter leaves. The beauty of the land indicates that the end is near... But i am aware of eternity and that's what keeps me sane. A day doesn't always last a day. The aftermath is that of wisdom, peace and light... The magical journey of our lives... cause Every Day A Story... 'EVERY DAY A STORY 4' | Various artists compiled by George Kyriakou As we are moving forward to the end of the year, Klik Records strikes back with the last release for the year titled 'Every Day a Story'. For those that are aware of the Klik Records discography 'Every Day A Story' is the first release of our catalogue and will also be the last one that will cary our 5th anniversary special logo. George Kyriakou offers 13 tracks each of which can act as a short everyday story, while adding a spherical view of the current trends in electronica. On 'Everyday a Story 4' you will listen to projects that have been released on some of the most important labels. Long lasting trips under the sounds of Albatross, Apparat, Booka Shade, Lullabiesin the dark, Dolle Jolle, Woolfy, Tensnake. The denominator of all 13 tracks is the atmosphere they create, from the most nonchalant, almost acoustic moments, to beats breaking out. Arrives to prove that Music is, above all, a Feeling...


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