One Nation

On the 23st of March, Klik records celebrates its second birthday and comes back with a double compilation sampler release titled ONE NATION. As I was sitting in front of my computer trying to find the words for this new upcoming project, I realized that it's been exactly two years since the first time that I was standing in this office, in front of this monitor, at the birth of Klik Records. The time gone by has been amazing; every moment of it. Most important of all, however, was that in these two years we have experienced the pleasure of accomplishing a real dream. This dream is the joy of being able to communicate positive feelings and luring your auditors outside the routine into a world of imagination and delight through the most important and imminent form of art -Music. That's what Klik Records is all about!! This project's aim is to present a sample of Klik Records'2005 roster releases. Ranging from our favorites, such as Mikael Delta, B.I.G., Chris Nemmo and Nikos Diamantopoulos to new and upcoming stars such as Milto eph feat. Junior Sp, Acropod, Sativa as well as Blue Pilots Project, James Benitez, Blue Soul, Kevin Sunray, MD, Stoned City, Nonion Breed, Aris Kokou, And Id and Dousk. The word ‘stars' is to be used freely and without parsimony... Moreover, during the past years, Greece has won the respect of key people of the international music industry, with more and more Greek artists standing out and meeting great success. Klik Records is a Greek label that managed in a satisfactory period of time and with the right moves to expand beyond its borders and to become a label that represents a plausible percentage of Greek artists. It's wonderful for a record company to represent so many amazing Greek producers and musicians and it's even better to know that there are many other talented people in our country. So many that it would be extremely satisfactory if it could manage to promote all these great demos that are sent everyday. The only thing that Klik Records can promise is that it will continue its upward course because its philosophy isn't that it wants to become a huge label, but to promote huge music! At this project Acropod will fill you up with melodic pads and strange textures, while Aris Kokou knows how it goes with his exquisite melodies. Move on to Nonion Breed, two hot producers who love combining progressive and chill out. Stoned City is the music experience for all groove lovers out there, Blue Pilots Project add extra zing and James Benitez and Circulation... well, they are the ones with the strong and passionate tunes. Milto Eph feat. Junior SP will arrange your 70's blaxploitation atmosphere and Sativa send you kisses from heaven with a mind-blowing track. What's more to say about Nikos Diamantopoulos? He knows what he wants and he knows how to do it. Dousk has some fascinating tunes and Blue Soul will take to cloud 9 until Mikael Delta takes his turn and stings you with his gorgeous emotional music. Kevin Sunray brings out your natural rhythm with his perfect harmony, DM hands over some amazing melodies, while G.PAL follows up with lovely breaks and crazy grooves and B.I.G. rock the dancefloors with thumping and powerful tunes... enjoy!!

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