No Camera

On October 20, 2005, Klik Records presents its latest release, the album «No Camera» by ION (Yiannis Papaioannou). During a time when the new tech-house sound "conquers" Europe, a production such as this, comes to prove that the Greek electronica is ready to take up a starring role beyond its country's borders. The main idea behind the album «No Camera» hides in its title, close to a maturity that forbids dreaming through mirrors and diaphragms, setting it free for any use. However, a camera (for films and not photos) has played a great part in the creation of many sounds that you hear on the album. The prime thoughts behind «No Camera» started registrating themselves in December 2004, its materialization began in July 2005, soon after ION's appearance at the Synch Festival and its recording was completed last August, by the beach. «No Camera» is a concept post-techno album created in Greece, with Detroit's and Berlin's tech music evolution as its sound base. However, as Yiannis Papaioannou claims, this form is so supple, that it takes in any music or personal intervention by anyone who wants to pursue it. ION doesn't aim in as much to feelings but rather to the most unexpected moods that the music can create to the auditor. «No Camera» includes tracks that could easily be described either as "summery" or as tracks for the autumn, and maybe even quite "frozen". Deep inside them all, however, is a special and personal twist that makes them all react very differently; perhaps like stories without words, where the auditor can add his own images. When it comes to the name «ION», Yiannis Papaioannou thought it up from a Brian Eno lyric: «And we saw St. Elmo's fire Splitting ions in the ether..» (Brian Eno, «St. Elmo's fire» - 1975)

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