Rhodes “Journey To The Light” Selected by Tasos Giasiranis

Rhodes Island. Bathed in sun, the Aegean’s sun, a spring of life and inspiration. Surrounded by it’s waters. A wall and a path at the same moment. Where the West meets the East. Where worlds become one and civilizations blend. An island that acts like a witch, that captures your soul forever, that makes you always look for it, crave for it, always want to go back. Beauty, history, culture. Rhodes “Journey To The Light”. A compilation inspired by Rhodes island and it’s nomination for “European Culture Capital City 2021” The multi awarded dj, radio producer and compiler Tasos Giasiranis signs the island’s 6th compilation. A journey into the magical world of electronic music in a unique combination with the 12 breathtaking postal cards included. 12 pictures by the hands of Stelios Kalisperis, Fillip Fillipou and Harris Zambetoulas. The only thing you need to have while leaving the island. Memories in a box. The Knight island in a luxurious package. A life’s goal, promoting Rhodes in every corner of the planet. Tasos Giasiranis keeps on making a dream come true once again. Rhodes “Journey To The Light”

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