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On 8 December 2006 the new personal album by Çiroshi Watanabe will be released, which he costum-made especially for Klik Records. Hiroshi Watanabe has now become one of the most well-known music personas in the Greek as well as the European music terrains, which is proved by the massive success that both is projects were welcomed: Çiroshi Watanabe /A Klik Records Tribute and Sounds of Instruments 02, which sold more than 12,500 copies worldwide. It's worth noting that both projects received the best reviews in as much from the internationally acclaimed magazines such as Dj Magazine, Future Music, Mixmag, Blues and Soul, IDJ, Hot press, Update, M8, Eq Magazine, but also from some of the most respected newspapers in Greece, a fact which made his music known to a crowd that is not accustomed to or acquainted with electronic music. The ones who already knew his style of course... showered his projects with the best of compliments. Hiroshi Watanabe has proved that he is a producer who through his music can communicate a sensitive and strong instinct called human feelings. He green lights you to go and grab, enjoy and relish all the amazing feelings that are overpowering you. Something he once again achieves with the release of his new album Genesis. Genesis as in the birth of new, intense feelings. The truth is that our favourite Japanese producer has selected the title of this project with great care, as it reflects its content. Eight long play orchestral compositions that are capable of transporting you to your most desired places in your imagination. A mix of house, ambience, which sometimes even touches on a bit of techno. Watanabe is one of those musicians who have the rare gift of transporting you... Õour Smile Tears. Hiroshi Watanabe will be visiting Greece during Christimas for a series of dj sets with his last stop in Athens on New Year's Eve. The most optimistic way to start the New Year...

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