G.Pal 02

UTOPIA STUDIOS, 31.05.06 - 13:42 2 exclusive tracks, 2 new remixes to two top tracks, 6 amazing women's voices, 6 tracks from Greek music producers and an intro that came from a last minute brainstorming, like a dues ex machine! The 1st cd's master is ready! UTOPIA STUDIOS, 01.06.06 - 07.59 New gen sequencers, loops. Tracy Thorn's voice! Edits, samples, acapella. Sissy's voice! From the dancefloors of the world to the Ableton Live's digital dexx. The 2nd cd's master is ready! RECORD STORES, 14.06.06 G.PAL /2 is a fact! Two cd's, 34 tracks, two different music journeys! On June 15 almost two years after the release of Gpal 01, Swift Records returns with its second series. Once again, Gpal presents an amazing mix which was edited with the use of Ableton live. The project comes in a double mixed cd, one downtempo and one uptempo. The downtempo mixed set will mesmerise you from the first second as the melody and feelings unfold harmonically one after the other. Exclusive tracks by acclaimed Greek and foreign producers, well-known tracks we've loved have been 'fiddled with' from G.Pal himself, as well as small gems that he discovered by searching for music, compose a unique musical landscape! At the uptempo mixed set, G.Pal returns to more familiar territories creating a unique set that covers a wide scope of dance music.

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