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The rumors were spread faster than the speed of light…..”G.Pal is releasing a mixed cd”, “a cd with all his unreleased tracks and even more”. The Greek club scene is holding it’s breath during the last 4 months waiting for the first ever mixed cd by the top Greek Dj, producer and owner of Swift Records. Finally, the time has come. G.Pal delivered the goods. And it’s not just about a mixed cd, but a double cd compilation. The first one an amazing gathering of mainly unreleased tracks for the likes of Filterheadz, Pole Folder, Starkid, Pig & Dan, M.O.S. as well as 5 unreleased Swift Records’ productions, while the second one is an unmixed compilation of unreleased downtempo and breaks tracks by artists like G.Pal, Ozgur Can, Lovechild, El Greco….that will leave you speechless.

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