G.Pal vs Anna Maria X
Back To Back Sessions

G.Pal contra Anna Maria X Back to Back Sessions Vol.1 Swift Records in collaboration with Klik Records initiate the new series of compilations, titled BACK 2 BACK SESSIONS. In the first combat on the dexx between Swift's label parents G.Pal and Anna Maria X, one challenges the other with their sets' most characteristic tracks as well as with Swift's hottest unreleased material. In this compilation you will find tracks by new and upcoming producers such as V-Sag and Marek, productions by your favorite Greeks such as B.I.G. and Chris Nemmo, as well as by standard names from the international dance scene. Tracks you have loved from G.Pal's and AMX's radio shows such as "Fuel to the Fire" by Plastique Vision and Mos and "Fire" by Ty Tek feat. Cat Conger, as well as G.Pal's unreleased "To the Stars" mix on Chris Nemmo's "Reflections". Moreover, you will find Chris Nemmo's exclusive mix in the classic and hard to come by debut Swift Records release, "El Greco - Nightwatch".

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