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While Channel X took us on a full-length musical journey through their very own ‘Wonderland’ in September, this follow-up remix package guarantees to drag you even deeper into the metaphorical rabbit hole thanks to mind-altering reworks by Doctor Dru, Robosonic, Nico Stojan and our competition winners, Juicy Jay & SH. Officially the king of synths, Doctor Dru introduces us to his interpretation of ‘My 3 Wishes’ with drawn-out melodies straight from outer space until the vocal arrangement drops into a bass-laden groove. Catering for those big dance floor moments, we are then being treated to a majestic drop that will send you sideways. Stunning! Next, Robosonic tackle ‘Slowly Falling Leaf’, turning the summery vocal house jam featuring Natalie into a new beast entirely by the inclusion of fat horns, shuffling rhythmic patterns and a lot of taste. On the flip-side, Upon You’s Nico Stojan presents a mix of ‘My 3 Wishes’ that will reveal its full magic in an after-hour setting as a subtle groove, wry clicks and druggy synths mingle with well chosen parts of the original’s vocal. Lastly, Juicy Jay & SH’s rework of ‘Slowly Falling Leaf’ takes us on a tropical cruise by striking the perfect balance between nu disco and modern trance, causing a serious endorphin rush in the process.

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