Christopher Rau
Two / WAS Distribution

Of course we still have those venues, promoters, musicians who do not believe in flatrates and refuse the constant synchronize button. Those few are always on a rush to find that feeling so many have lost. Like Robert Johnson Club where magic is happening all the time. Djs like Gerd Janson, Move D or Jus Ed who bring back the love every night. The Record shops Ya Digg Detroit or Smallville who spread the music and culture in a most lovely way. Labels who keep it family. Smallville again. And here we are: There is only one Christopher Rau. The 28year old producer is not on a big mission against club depression. But he knows how to turn a simple beat, a reduced baseline and only a few sound elements into heaven. His choice of labels to release belong to those who want to keep the world of house music a special place: Pampa, Giegling/Staub, Laid, Mule Musiq, Aim, and Ethereal Sounds and Hamburg’s Smallville who now are about to release Rau’s second album “Two". The Cover by Stefan Marx becomes even more colorful and so does the music: Well known for his minimalistic choice of ingredients Christoper Rau somehow frees himself of any straight format. Songs full of sweetness, a glimpse of soul here, a detroit electro influence there, broken beats, breaks that are no breaks, sexyness and funk and fun. The City of Christopher Rau’s music turns into a Universe. A world that believes in that particular moment when a minute turns into life. Where you will dive through the surface of beat, bass and sample - something underneath grows to the unreachable. As you reach that overwhelming feeling, the night could last forever. After the essentials of House Music have been invented some 25 years ago, Christopher Rau proves again how far we still can go searching for the perfectly wonderful track. Maybe “Two” is the soundtrack to the sweetest war, a lovely silent strike against convention, boredom and emptiness. For the best night at the best club with the best crowd and the best music

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