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Introducing My World / WAS Distribution

Mr Raoul K is the artist who was born in South Africa, Now based in Lubeck and running his own imprint "Baobab". his debut single "Le Cercle Peul" was highly acclaimed from Tobi neumann ,Henrik schwarz to name just a few. His unique deep house sound which mixed the sound of traditional African instrument like balafon or cora and electronics have got attention from many djs and music lovers. Almost all songs on this album were recorded in his hometown in Africa with local musicians and Raoul edited and reconstructed at his german studio. The album kicks off with "a guinean village" in which a call in the tribe word of africa is added to throbbing percussion. Second track "The African Government" which is already released as the first single is the sound of cora. Forth track "Africa" is a mixed variety of african traditional instruments and vocals. Mr Raoul K classic "himalaya" is edited to a new version for this album."the green things" is slowmo house done the Raoul way, the killer track "Le Triangle Peul" is recorded with Wareika. Lastly the highlight track of this album "Introducing My World" is typical Raoul style alternative house stuff. All these tracks have a very unique originality and Raoul has definitely established his own style.


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