Prins Thomas
Prins Thomas II / WAS Distribution

The eight tracks on the mixed CD (including two bonus tracks) owe as much to the traditional methods of house, techno and extraterrestrial disco as they do to disregard them. They are as characteristic to Thomas’ studio space and his sound aesthetics as they are to his infinite will to surprise. Directly from the guts of the man behind Full Pupp, Internasjonal and a gazillion tailor-made remixes, you get to hear joyful reminiscences of the late and great Arthur Russell in ‘Tjukkas Pa Karussel’, nasty drum jams like ‘Flau Pappadans 1’ or ‘Bom Bom’, next to the sheer and untainted, uplifting beauty that is ‘Symfonisk Utviklingshemming’. Sometimes techy, sometimes Balearic and with a touch of cosmic disco, the spirits of these recordings are light-hearted and sincere; a joy to listen and dance to. Superb!


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