Vasilis Giouvris and Savas Karabinos, the two members of Acropod, started off as DJs when they were teenagers, with drum'n'bass as their starting point. Music and vinyl junkies, they started DJing in clubs and open-air parties, during their prime. They met in 1994 and six years later, in 2000, they started their production journey together. With a small budget, they started buying machinery and set up their own... bedroom studios, trying to learn as much as possible on music technology, while adopting the alias Acropod. And if anyone believed that with a groovebox and a sampler –their only equipment during those first steps -you can't create music, Vasilis and Savas constantly proved the contrary. Their early influences derive mainly from seventies and eighties singers and groups such as Pink Floyd, Curtis Mayfield, Lonnie Liston Smith, Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. Eventually, however, what 'transfixed' them, were the nineties with their pure-blooded acid break sound and groups such as Future Sound of London.By listening to their album you will realize that they can't be placed under a particular music "tag", since, as they themselves claim "music is not a supermarket..." According to Acropod, by creating music, they aim in people's smiles around them...

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