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George Doudos aka Sunset Blvd has been an active member within the greek electronic scene for the last 15 years End of 80s he's introduced to roots reggae and dub, dance, as well as American jazz. A little later, to trip hop and chill cinematica. In 1995 he creates the project Delay Exhibition. In 1998 he records with Michael Blake of the American group Alphabet Soup, Spikey Tee (MC of Morcheeba and Bomb the Bass) and in 2000 with one of the top dub producers, Rootsman. In 2000 he released "Little", with a participation by J- Walk of Grandcentral Records. The EP is widely played on the radio and "Little" wins a place in plenty of compilations. The new decade will start with a series of remixes and productions and in total with more than 17 participations in compilations and recordings, for the biggest Greek companies.In June 2005, he releases his first album "Versions of Truth" with which he literally defined the music scope of Delay Exhibition, while also starting a new, jazzier and more freestyle project, Sunset Blvd. As Sunset Blvd he started working with Klik Records giving two albums "Tell Me About America" and "The Most Beautiful Girl" that gained rave reviews while their tracks aired in radio stations all over the world.

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