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Ralph Myerz is one of the most active music personas of the Norwegian music scene. It was the year 1997 when Ralph asked people to play percussion with him during a party in Bergen, Norway. The Jack Herren Band showed up through a combination of mutual contacts and high-school friendship. Supposedly a one-time-event, they had so much fun playing together that they decided to form a band, and Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band was formed. The band released a 7" and a 12" on Telle Records which was followed by great reviews from magazines and DJs around Europe, including Dimitri From Paris, who included the track "Nikita" on one of his Playboy Mansion compilations. In 2002, they were signed by the U.S. label Emperor Norton Records, and they released A Special EP. The album A Special Album followed one-year later, featuring the tracks "Casino" and "Think Twice," which both became hits in clubs across Europe, and commercial hits in Norway. Gold records & Norwegian Grammy nominations were happily celebrated. In 2005, the album Your New Best Friends followed, which received massive reviews in Europe. The third album Sharp Knives & Loaded Guns came out on EMI in 2007 followed by touring all over Europe playing festivals such as Glastonbury, Montreal Jazz festival and many more. So after this album and especially this tour, Ralph Myerz decided to focus more on production and studio work. In 2009, Ralph dropped his first solo album with guests like Devin The Dude, Kurupt, Talib Kweli and Christine Sandtorv named Ralphorama! Staying in Los Angeles for many months and working closely with people like Dogg Pound led to many connections in the U.S. hip-hop world, including collaborations with legends such as Snoop Dogg and George Clinton, amongst many others. Meanwhile, during his stay there, he started working on a new album called Outrun. Armed with synthesizers and wine, he worked for a year on it and then he moved to the Bay Area in order to finish the recordings. Somehow the cosmic winds took him to Klik Records of Athens, Greece. Sharing a true passion for good space music, they decided to work together. Driving around in California inspired Outrun to be an album for those late-night rides while listening to music. Seventeen new tracks of good-vibed, spaced-out, phased-out, dub-disco, late-nite muzik with that special Ralph Myerz sound. The new album Super Sonic Pulse featuring Da Youngfellaz, Snoop Dogg, George Clinton, Cory Gunz, Kurupt, David Banner and many more will be released early 2012!

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