Nikos Diamantopoulos


Nikos started studying music at the age of nine at the Yamaha Music School. After completing his courses he took up teaching at the same school, something he did for two years. Around the same time, 1989, he started working as a DJ. At a time when jazz, funk and acid house were blooming, Nikos found himself influenced and seduced by house. In 1998 he was still DJing but it was at that time when he started producing music as well. Chronology: 1999: First release as "House Perfume" by Coda Records Greece. 2002: First album, titled "Deeper Perfume" as Niikie D by Scottish Under the Counter. 2003: "A New Life" album by Klik Records 2005: "Moments In Dreams" album by Klik Records 2007: “Blue” album by Klik Records

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113 Charilaou Trikoupi av
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