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MILTO EPH Milto Eph was born during the mid 70's, by a very music-friendly family, where from an early age was exposed to the creations by music leaders such as Henry Mansini, the Doors, the Beatles, the Who, Andrew Lloyd Webber and many more. At the early age of 16, he started collaborating with many recording studios as a programmer, orchestrating songs by various artists on computers, with the assistance of synths and samplers and during an early, for the time, stage, he started practicing with multi-channel recordings and computer montage. Mid-1993, after he had completed his participation as a keyboardist at the Marlboro Music and Sunrise Zone tours, he decided to continue his studies in London, at the ALCHEMEA college of music. There, along with teachers who were sound technicians for groups such as Pink Floyd and at places such as the Royal Albert Hall Theatre, he studied and experimented with various recording techniques with microphones and acoustic fields. On his return in Greece in 1997 he created a small home studio. By the end of 1998 he had initiated a collaboration with Razastar and by expanding the capabilities of his personal studio in 2000, he started collaborating as a producer with various Greek hip hop groups. September 2002 finds Milto Eph starting a collaboration with Junior SP, and until September 2004 they worked, for the first time, in the creation of a proper LP, inspired by their favorite music moments. JUNIOR SP. SO FAR IN BRIEF Born in Athens in 1976, Junior SP spent his early years listening to hip hop, hardcore, breakbeat and ambient. His career as a DJ started at the end of 1993, with one of the very successful Infinity parties, based in the Center of Athens, at the Pedion tou Areos, where he had the chance to play along with LTJ Bukem, Ray Keith, Doc Scott and more. End of 1996 finds Junior SP initiating the music team Innersense, which aimed at spreading the drum'n'bass sound in our country. From then 'til today, and through Innersense, Junior SP organized a large number of events, meeting with massive success at times. Along with all of the above, Junior SP has also done his share of radio (Klik on Capital 96,3), has created his 'alter ego' Innersence, as well as the SPiritual events that deal with freestyle music and not drum'n'bass alone, and moreover he has managed to complete his first music productions in collaboration with Milto Eph. Today, after having completed a decade as a dj and promoter and having proved his ability as a producer, Junior SP has gained respect by big drum'n'bass names, such as LTJ Bukem & Mc Conrad, Fabio, Grooverider, J-Majik, Doc Scott, Ray Keith, Blame, and more. For further info, photos and news on Junior SP's future events, visit

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